Frequently Asked Questions

How does FolioGrow help my day to day operations?

Consider that you are putting every bit of info for each task in your employees hand.  Never a lost moment seeking instruction, even if the task is very rare. Productivity will be at its highest level if everyone has all the info they need at all times.

Will my data be safe?

Absolutely. FolioGrow is built on the Lightening platform by and benefits from all the security and maturity of that authoring tool. Your data will not be shared with ANY outside vendors at any time.

I'm a master grower and I really don't need any help. Why would I consider this?

We are not telling you how to grow, we just want to give you the tools to have real time information on hand, so critical decisions can be made with confidence. By tracking the things you do to be successful, you can better replicate these good habits, sharing them with your entire team and maximizing your crop and profits. Doing well is a sign of success, but transparent systems and fluid communication only improve an already successful system.  We just “make it easier to do better”, the system is all up to you.

How is FolioGrow updated?

Because FolioGrow is a Cloud-based application, there is not software your need to update. We do that all from our end. FolioGrow has four (4) major releases during each calendar year. These releases follow the seasons (i.e. Fall 2016, Winter 2017, Spring 2017). We also do minor release every month. You will be notified ahead of the release dates identifying the new features.

Is this just another "Metrc-type" application?

No.  While we can integrate with any governing tracking system that is set in place, we will not just copy and paste data.  FolioGrow can analyse your data in a way thats’ profit based and not tracking based.

How is FolioGrow better than the other web-based companies that have popped up in the marijuana industry?

The FolioGrow technical and business team members has been developing cloud applications together for over 15 years. These apps are used by Fortune 500 companies. The founders have entered this industry with the intent of bringing the professional software community to the Cannabis Industry, not trying to bring the Cannabis Industry to the professional software community.

Is FolioGrow just an industry specific Task management App?

No. Although FoGro has an excellent Cannabis Grow Task Management App, that only exists as it is the most efficient way to get your specific Grow Data into the FoGro database for analysis. Once your details are loaded, FoGro has the ability to identify specific areas for improvement as a way to maximize your profits. This is the real power of FoGro. Analyzing your historical data to help you increase your crops to their fullest potential.

What will you do with my data?

You have the option of allowing FoGro to analyze your data against other Grows with similar crops. FolioGrow scrubs all personal and business data and only analyzes strain volumes and times and compares them to each other. This let;s us not just show you what your best producing strains are, it let’s us show you how your numbers stack up against others in the industry, making sure your working at maximum profitability.

What does it cost?

There is a minimal base fee for launching the app and training your team. After that, charges are based on a per user/per month bases. Give us a shout via our Contact Form and we will set up a call to review pricing.